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December 21, 2020
Client from: Middle East/Canada
Status: Re-applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Technology
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 4
GMAT/GRE score: 311 (V: 154 Q: 140)
Undergraduate GPA: 8.88/12.00
Scholarship(s): $20,000
Admitted to: Fuqua (with other schools TBD)

I approached Kathryn after I was rejected in the earlier application cycle. My GRE was low, and many consultants refused to even speak with me until I raised my score. This was NOT the case with SOP! Since our first call, Kathryn was very supportive, and told me I was not delusional about applying to some of the top schools in the world. Within minutes, she pointed out where I went wrong in my past written applications, highlighted my professional accomplishments, strengths, and community involvement. She knew I was working hard to improve my GRE, and she explained how she typically does not take clients with my score, but knew she could help me craft a strong, compelling story.

I signed up for a 4-school package, and my first application deadline was due in one month. Kathryn warned me that it would be very intensive, but if I was up for it, SOP was ready to go. She sent me a few day-to-day advisor profiles that she felt would be ideal with my career goals and personality. I hopped on a call with two of them, and it was an incredibly hard decision to choose between both – but I continued with Ram.
The first month was incredibly intensive, but within 2 weeks, I felt more confident about my career goals than I felt before. The key is in the details, and I experienced a lot of clarity after I completed this process with Wendy, my Career Narrative advisor, Ram and Kathryn.

During the school selection process, make sure you consider Kathryn’s advice, especially when she tells you to apply to other top schools that are also aligned with your personal goals and overall applicant profile. She encouraged me to apply to Fuqua as it was closely tied with my career goals, and was a great fit with my personality. I was accepted to Fuqua – which would not be possible without the constant support and advice from the SOP team!!! I was also waitlisted at Tuck and was told by admissions to try improving my GRE scores, which I am, while SOP is helping me craft a compelling waitlist letter. I’m now waiting to hear back from the other two schools I applied to in R2. I know for a fact that SOP has helped me craft the best narrative to highlight my strengths.

My day-to-day advisor was Ram, who worked with me every step of the way and spent countless hours on the phone and over email to learn about my background and experiences, while providing insights for individual schools/essays. He’s honest, compassionate, and 100% committed to your success (not only for the applications, but in life)! He makes himself available at any time, gives prompt responses, and his way with words is unlike others. He has consistently encouraged me to be more reflective and introspective, and when coupled with his phenomenal writing skills, has helped me craft an authentic story.

Ram will encourage you to explore different perspectives and continue to dig deep until you arrive at something that can differentiate your candidacy. His interview preparation is excellent! His advice made me feel confident every step of the way, and know it will help me in the future as well.

Overall, working with the SOP team has been a wonderful experience, and every member of the team is accessible and genuinely invested in your success! Bailey and Jenny will make sure you are on track for your applications, while your career advisor, day-to-day advisor and Kathryn will help create the best application for you! You won’t regret working with SOP, especially if you want individualized attention from an intelligent and empathetic team.

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