Testimonial Detail



January 24, 2022
Client from: United States
Status: First-time Applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Banking/Private Equity
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 5
GMAT/GRE score: 690 (V:38 Q:48)
Undergraduate GPA: 3.40/4.00
Admitted to: Columbia, Kellogg
Service Type: Premium

I interviewed 7 different consultants as I was preparing for the business school process. The majority of them weren’t interested in getting to know me or my background – they wanted to fit me into a box (GPA, GMAT, career, etc.) and were quick to make judgments on my chances at certain schools. Kathryn, on the other hand, was eager to get to know me beyond my quantitative stats. Throughout the process, Kathryn, Lara, and the rest of the S1 team provided constant support and feedback to make sure that I was putting my best foot forward. I was fortunate to get into two excellent schools and am confident I wouldn’t be in this position without them!

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