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January 24, 2022
Client from: China
Status: Re-applicant
Pre-MBA industry: F&B Scientist
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 10
GMAT/GRE score: 770 (V:45 Q:51)
Undergraduate GPA: 2.92/4.00
Undergraduate GPA: 3.16/4.00
Admitted to: Darden, INSEAD, McCombs, Ross
Scholarship(s): $120,000
Service Type: Premium

My MBA application journey is a bit longer than most applicants since I applied two seasons, and I’d confidently say partner with Square One is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my journey. I would not be able to have the outcome had I not partner with Square One: getting into my dream schools and awarded with top dollar scholarships.

It all started in December 2020, when I rushed in needing help with my Fall 2021 R2 application last minute, and about 28 days to most of the schools’ deadlines. At the time, I reached out to all the top reviewed application consultants on GMATClub, given the time I had at the time, some took a very long time (over a week) to even get back to me for an initial consultation or tell me we were out of time after 15min let alone telling me I was not good enough or say it’s not feasible to apply R2. That was not the case with Square One! The founder Kathryn responded me within very short period as I sent in the consultation request and get on the phone with me the next day to talk about my profile and schools. We spent over an hour on the phone to make sure I’m clear of the service I’m paying for and comfortable with the partnership moving forward, in addition, given my tight deadlines, without I have commit anything with Square One, she set up calls for me with 3 of her top available consultants so I can evaluate who I’d like to work with day-to-day, along with built visual timelines for the schools we talked about for me. This initial experience made a solid foundation of our partnership and consistent carried through my entire experience with Square One: well organized, willing to listen, tailored experience, candid and transparent feedback, timely response, and positive outcome. And just to add one more: my day-to-day Jeannice Tse is AWESOME!

As I mentioned, my first application season was Fall 2021 R2 application, and with the help with Jeannice, Kathryn and Wendy, we quickly lay the foundation of my story and career plan for me and start writing essays, and typically the edit come back quickly yet candid. I knew I was not their only client, but they always make me feel that I was their priority: I was very happily surprised with how quickly they get back, but I would say it was a lot of work and I sometimes wonder if the three ladies I mentioned above ever sleep given how early/late I get edits back and how dedicated they were to just my application package alone. That said, there were times I got stuck and cannot produce work to pass after their candid feedback and felt that they were too hard on me given my tight timeline, but that’s why I hired them to start with produce time-sensitive great quality application package. Quickly after submitting my applications, I got invited to 4 out of the 5 schools I applied for an interview. Unfortunately, due to the COVID triggered MBA application surge which created a more competitive application environment, I was waitlisted but not admitted to the school I wanted to go (I was also furloughed at the time with a low undergrad GPA as a background). And you may know Square One publish their stats, so I was one of the rejects from that year, but the story didn’t just end there.

After the rejection, I felt stuck, but Jeannice and Kathryn reached out and said they believed in me as a candidate and the quality of my package, we just need to give one more try. Not only that, Kathryn offered Pro Bono for Fall 2022 application for all schools. That said a lot about a company and the person I worked with. With their help and more time on hand than last year, we quickly identified a game plan for R1 application and started putting together packages. We did not disappoint this time: I finally got multiple offers (some with scholarships) into the dream schools I wanted to go! I was so thrilled, and the team cheered me for the success!

While I reflect MBA application journey and celebrate the success, I thank Kathryn, Jeannice, and Wendy for always believe in me every step of the way and try their best to always put me as a priority. I’m glad, I ran into Square One, and confident my story and experience wouldn’t be alone. Choose Square One, you are already one step ahead in your MBA application!

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