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March 17, 2022
Client from: Middle East/Canada
Status: First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Tech PM/Family Business
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 3
GMAT/GRE score: 700 (V: 41 Q: 45)
Undergraduate GPA: 3.21/4.30
Admitted to: Johnson, Judge, Said
Service Type: Premium

When I started my MBA application journey, I decided that getting an MBA Admissions consultant is a worthy investment. I spoke to a few consultants at the large firms and I settled with one advisor. Shortly after, I received an email from GMAT Club and there was an ad in the email for SOP, saying that almost everyone that uses SOP highly recommends it. I was intrigued, so I checked the recommendations on GMAT Club and they were glowing. I then explored the website and I was shocked to find out that at SOP, a whole team looks after you – including SOP’s founder, Kathryn. This was unlike the large firms where the advisor you choose is the one you work with throughout the application(s). I was even more intrigued, and I decided to schedule an introductory call with Katheryn, which was unlike any other experience, mind blowing and humbling. Katheryn was more thorough than the several hours of calls I had already had with the other firm, in just that first intro call. She took such a deep interest in my story and knew exactly how to help me. I could tell from that first call how passionate she is about her work. I was so surprised by how she was able to connect to me and my story in that call, and I knew right then and there that although it would be expensive to purchase a package on top of the one I had already purchased, I HAD to work with SOP. Katheryn is so careful and thoughtful about the process – she even schedules a call with three different advisors that she believes will pair nicely with you/your personality/your story. This step makes so much sense and it is completely intuitive. The amount of work that goes into MBA applications is exhaustive so it is great knowing that you ‘click’ with your advisor who will be working most closely with you. I am so lucky to have worked with Allison, she is friendly, efficient, and responsive. She pushed me to refine my work over and over, sometimes I thought that a certain essay is good enough, but she suggested we change something to make it even better.

The career narrative work with Wendy was one of the most useful exercises that will be useful during the essay writing process, coffee chats with MBA schools, interviews… etc. I can’t emphasize how important and useful it is.

The editing team, the tracking system, the LOR process, everything at SOP was efficient and definitely yielded results for me. I am so grateful for Kathryn, Allison, Wendy, and the rest of the SOP team have helped me achieve a dream. Thank you so much. After trying more than one admissions firms, I can definitely say that SOP is above and beyond. For any aspiring MBA student starting their MBA application journey reading this, I am not trying to convince you to use SOP right away, but I highly recommend you have a free consult with Kathryn, at least – you have nothing to lose!

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