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October 20, 2022
Client from: India
Status: Third-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Education and Impact Commercial Banking
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 14
GMAT/GRE score: 770 (V:44 Q: 51)
Undergraduate GPA: 59/100
Admitted to: Fuqua, Stern
Scholarship(s): $50,000
Service Type: Premium need-based

I had been applying to B-schools since 2020 and got more than a dozen rejections.

I decided to give myself a last chance in the 2022 application cycle. However in the early 2022, I lost my wife unexpectedly which pushed me into a deep depression. I thought with the passing away of the biggest support of my life, my dreams had also died. I gave up on everything including my MBA dreams.

A friend of mine who had worked with Square One suggested I speak to Kathryn, a request I denied multiple times. But on being pushed frequently by my friend, finally I decided to speak to her Sure that after doing a free session my friend would stop pestering me and I could continue to stay in my deep depression

I still remember those 50 minutes with Kathryn. I never felt like I was speaking to a MBA consultant, but rather a mentor who was equally interested in me fulfilling my MBA dreams. She also cared about me as a person. She not only motivated me but pushed me to give my best. She was always there for me as I had tough moments where I doubted myself and felt depressed. Day or night, she was there, getting on calls with me or emailing me. She even helped me build some of my work directly. I never would have expected that. Additionally, she reviewed ALL the materials I built with my advisors, some essays multiple times. This was not meant to be included in my package.

Writing my applications in the toughest phase of my life brought out the best in me and also created a positive distraction which helped me cure my mental health. Kathryn and her team understood that I’d have some bad days. They were always understanding.

Kathryn allowed me to choose the best advisor from SOP’s several awesome advisors. I decided to work with Rahul Kalita. This guy is amazing; he pushed me hard to ensure I did my best. My career narrative expert was Horatiu who just in one single call helped me begin to build strong MBA goals, which out me at ease. Lastly, Cristina (a very charming lady) was my admin support who helped me stay on schedule. So with this team I moved forward and secured an admit to my dream school. Not only that; I got a handsome scholarship!

It seems like a dream to me but Kathryn and her team became the messiah of my MBA journey. I cannot thank them enough!

So if you are applying to a b-school just do a free session with Kathryn and trust that everything will follow in line. I did not know there was a team like this out there.

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