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March 30, 2017
Client from: United States
Status: First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Videography/Marketing/Editing
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 4
GMAT/GRE score: NA
Undergraduate GPA: 2.99/4.00
Admitted to: American University, DePaul, Georgetown, NYU
Scholarship(s): $8,000

In late Spring 2015 I decided to apply to graduate school, and given the tight timelines for submitting the applications I decided I needed professional support to address the many nuances of the different processes of the schools I was interested in attending. I conducted detailed research to see what options were available in the marketplace, including talking to friends who had gone through similar processes, and in the end my analysis led me to Square One Prep.

I reached out to the CEO Kathryn Lucas with whom I spoke to on the phone for over an hour, and by the end of our conversation it was clear to me that she had deep experience and understanding of how to manage the processes, and Square One Prep was the right partner to assist me. After listening intently to my situation and goals, Kathryn provided a detailed and thoughtful breakdown of her approach to my application process, and was very honest with me of what she thought was achievable and I was confident we would work well together. I was also a different case as I was looking to apply to graduate school for Communications and not Business school.

Shortly after our initial conversation, Kathryn introduced me to Mary Huffman who had experience working in the communications industry, and had a solid understanding of what the schools I was applying to were looking for. From the get go working with Mary, we defined a disciplined project schedule given the tight timelines, and she provided personal insight with regard to each aspect of the application process. What immediately impressed me was Mary’s personal touch, her thoughtful suggestions, and her immediate availability to review my submissions. Mary was a great partner who helped guide me down the right path to ensure I positioned myself properly in this competitive process. She has a great outlook and wonderful personality to de-stress what can be a stressful process. Without question, Square One Prep was a great partner for me throughout my graduate school application process. In the end, I was accepted into all four schools I applied to – Georgetown, NYU, American University, and DePaul. I can also say unquestionably, my partnership with Square One Prep was key. I was extremely satisfied with the quality of support and professionalism of team. I would strongly recommend Square One Prep to anyone pursuing admission to graduate school.

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