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March 30, 2017
Client from: China/Canada
Status: First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Banking
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 6
GMAT/GRE score: 750
Undergraduate GPA: 2.9/4.0
Admitted to: Johnson, Stern

As a younger Chinese applicant with a low undergraduate GPA, few extracurricular activities and a post MBA goal to switch my career, I know I never would have gotten this far without the help of Square One Prep. After I finished my GMAT, I did some research online and connected with Square One Prep. On my first free consultation, I spoke with Kathryn, the firm’s owner. She spent longer than expected time listening to my story and assured me that, despite my challenging metrics, admission to a top business school was still feasible. She said she felt that way because of my story. No other firm I talked to took the time to learn my story. She actually did two calls with me to ensure she understood me and my needs.

Square One Prep helped me with my application strategy and differentiate myself from other candidates whose educational and occupational backgrounds are similar to mine. My counselor was very responsible and insightful. When we worked together, we sometimes edited my essay to a single question back and forth for as many as six times until my he believed the essay had no more room for improvement. Throughout the application process, with the help of Square One Prep, I not only got admitted to two top schools – Stern and Johnson – but also discovered the true goals I’d like to pursue in life.

I will recommend Square One Prep to my friends when they decide to pursue a top MBA program.

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