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March 31, 2017
Client from: West Africa
Status:First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Banking
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 4
GMAT/GRE score: 690
Undergraduate GPA: 3.93/4.00
Admitted to: HBS, London Business School, Wharton

I chose Square One Prep for two reasons: a) for their tremendous track record and b) the personal touch I was guaranteed to get. Looking back, it would have been a mistake to take on the behemoth that is the business school admission process without Square One.

After my first chat with Square One’s owner, I knew I was in good hands. She offered an undiluted assessment about my chances. She made me understand that business schools seek applications from exceptional candidates in general and were not necessarily searching for specific characteristics [e.g. Wharton only wants applicants with an exceptional analytical or finance foundation].

Before talking to Square One, I knew I had the potential to be an interesting candidate. However, I struggled to produce an overall story and lacked strong writing skills. My Square One advisor was immense on both fronts.

Overall story: We came up with an overall story/angle in our very first meeting.

Essays: Refining my essays took more time. Every time I thought I was close to a perfect draft, my advisor found more ways to push me to write an even better essay. I was frustrated sometimes because I thought the essays were perfect, but I trusted her judgment. Trust me, the final product was worth it!

Resume: Her work with me on my resume was perfect. She worked with me to strip all unnecessary industry jargon and ensured my resume stood out. She constantly pulled out events from my life which I thought were either mundane or not b-school material and helped me integrate them into my resume.

Interview: Her interview strategies helped me ace all my interviews. She constructively pointed out my flaws and strengths in my mock interview and gave me vital tips I needed to succeed. Fortunately everything came together during my interviews!

Even though I worked with Square One exclusively on Wharton, my work with them enabled me to put together strong applications for the other schools. What’s great is that my advisor constantly checked on my progress with the other schools, and did provide some free strategic guidance. She was sincerely interested in my success.

In conclusion, if you want to get into your dream schools, contact Square One Prep!

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