Testimonial Detail



March 31, 2017
Client from: India
Status: Re-applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Politics/Strategy Consulting/Entrepreneurship
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 4
GMAT/GRE score: 750
Undergraduate GPA: 3.26/4.00
Admitted to: Sloan

I performed well at an Ivy League for undergrad, worked in consulting, was heavily involved outside work, and got a 750 on my GMAT exam. I applied to HBS, Stanford, and Sloan and got rejected outright. Discouraged beyond belief, I called Square One, who dissected my prior applications and both candidly and comprehensively explained why I failed. It was hard to hear, but worth it because they also explained how, if I chose to apply a second time and was willing to put in tough introspective work and work with constructive guidance, I could succeed.

I teamed up with Square One, and because I got to know myself in ways I never imagined due to our strategic discussions, and because the quality of my work was markedly improved in all aspects due to Square One’s constant insightful edits/comments on all my work, I never lost steam over what I was worried would be a grueling second attempt. In fact, because I built so much new awareness and confidence, I decided to apply to only one program; I was just as concerned about fit this time around as I was the brand. I am happy to say that I will be attending Sloan in the fall. Thank you Square One!

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