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April 01, 2017
Client from: China
Status: First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: FinTech Marketing
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 8
GMAT/GRE score: 650
Undergraduate GPA: 2.6/4.0
Admitted to: Foster

I have to say Square One Prep is a very special service provider, totally beyond my expectation. It’s highly professional and satisfied my needs through its caring, encouraging and inspiring service. If you like the service in a tailor-made suit store, you will like Square One Prep.

Before I chose Square One Prep, I did a lot of research and spoke to many large firms. Kathryn Lucas from Square One Prep hit me on 3 things –

1st, she was professional and super efficient. Right after our first call, she sent me an impressive professional timetable which was designed for me (one of the best calendars I have ever seen in my 8 years’ project management experience. I said to myself: WOW!).

2nd, I was concerned that she wouldn’t know how to work with Chinese clients. She connected me with 3 former clients from mainland China. They gave not just ‘good’ comments, but ‘surprisingly good’ comments. I wondered what was the magic that made those people recommend her in such an emotional way? Now I know the reason and am happy to endorse Kathryn in the same way.

3rd, she was sincere and candid. She addressed the imperfections in me and herself/Square One Prep frankly. Someone who is willing to address flaws is one who has a strong heart and confidence.

We worked together for 5 months. 3 obstacles constantly occurred and Kathryn always got me past them.

1st, I had insecurity. Even after I chose Square One Prep, I doubted that a stranger could know me and guide me to generate impressive essays about myself in such a short time. Then Kathryn gave me an assessment that lasted five hours and was very patient, learning my story. She is a good listener, a fun reader of my mind and an experienced analyst of people. She earned my trust in that call, which became the foundation of our cooperation in the following 5 months.

2nd, a lot of matters disturbed my essay-writing plan – sudden lost inspiration, recommendation letter troubles, and poor test scores. Kathryn handled those situations. She knew when she should let me be free for days to re-pack myself, how to adjust my timeline to fit changes and when to be strict to focus me back on my goals.

3rd, I felt low in mood sometimes after I saw some applicants’ profiles and their impressive experiences. Kathryn sensed my worries, encouraged me, cheered for my good qualities, successes and dreams, and inspired me to carry my special parts onto the paper.

Kathryn solved all those problems because she used her heart to guide me. She once told me why she likes her job, which seems super challenging from my view. She said: I love to help others realize their dreams.

Now I have an offer and I truly thank Kathryn for helping me pursue and get my dream. I feel lucky and highly recommend Square One Prep!

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