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April 05, 2017
Client from: United States
Status: First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Investment Banking
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 6
GMAT/GRE score: 730 (V: 40 Q: 49)
Undergraduate GPA: 3.42/4.00
Admitted to: Columbia, HBS

When I first began thinking about applying to business school, I felt completely overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. I imagined my top schools were all filled with unicorn founders with 800 GMAT scores, and I didn’t stand a chance. Fortunately, a good friend had worked with Square One Prep the prior year with great results, and put me in touch.

Right away during our initial call, I could tell that Kathryn “got” me in that magical way you hope a consultant will. She understood my career progression and accomplishments of course, but she also understood the subtle qualities that make me unique as a professional and as a person. That’s the SOP difference—the ability to hone in on, fully embrace, and express what makes you special to an adcom. For those of us coming from overrepresented industries, that’s a game changer.

Working with a consultant should feel like a seamless partnership, and that’s exactly what I experienced with Kathryn. She spent countless hours with me brainstorming content and revising drafts together until we were both satisfied with the final version. She was available 24/7, even late at night or on the weekend, which was ideal (I have work days that regularly extend past midnight). Her responsiveness was incredible too, always replying within minutes regardless of the hour. 

Kathryn constantly challenged me to push harder and dig deeper, not just with my applications but also my career goals. I learned so much about myself through the process, and felt completely taken care of. For a grade-A overthinker like me, Kathryn was a lifesaver. 

With Kathryn’s guidance I was able to craft a clear and compelling narrative that expressed who I am. Thanks to her, I will be heading to my dream school in the fall: HBS!

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