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January 10, 2023
Client from: India
Status: First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Ed Tech Programming/Strategy
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 5
GMAT/GRE score: 740 (V:49 Q:41)
Undergraduate GPA: 6.76/10.00
Admitted to: Fuqua, Marshall, McDonough, other schools TBD
Scholarship(s): 300,000
Service Type: Premium

From the moment, I spoke to Kathryn for 1.5 hours over the FREE consultation half hour, I knew I had found people who’d actually be invested in my success. And I haven’t been disappointed one bit. I was late to the R2 application round (with less than 1.5 months to go for the deadlines), but the team worked hard on my application and my story, the consultant and reviewers responded quicker than their standard review times, and everyone was willing to work at a fast pace just because I asked them to. I really really appreciate them for it! Some other points that stood out to me:

1. I always got honesty from my consultant and Kathryn. They made me face the reality from time to time but also picked me up when I was extremely underconfident.
2. Kathryn believed in me and offered to take time out to be my senior reviewer despite it not being a part of my package. This further strengthened my belief in my ability and profile.
3. I LOOOVED that they have an extremely structured process. Everything is planned to the T and they make sure no-one involved lags behind, and even if they do, they make sure the progress is not hampered. I especially appreciate the regular check-ins and pushes from Cristina (my relationship manager) and Paula (my consultant) because I had a tendency to proscrastinate. They helped me overcome that.
4. They literally took time out to get to know me in depth and understand the kind of person I am. This helped me stay authentic to my story. Furthermore, their review process ensured that multiple eyes were going through each component of the application so different perspectives could be taken into account and there was no ambiguity in the essays.
5. Paula, my consultant, even went above and beyond when she checked on me about how I was feeling when an essay on a very personal topic had to be edited heavily because my senior reviewer could not follow the story I was trying to portray.
6. When I was contemplating between taking hourly consultation for a school vs taking the full comprehensive school package, I was suggested by the team to go for the hourly consultation option (even though that meant less money for them) because they felt that would be more cost effective and equally beneficial to me — a piece of advice I only expect to receive from a truly professional organisation.
6. When I was waitlisted by a couple of schools, Kathryn’s waitlist letter guidance was literally what got me where I am today — more than just what I should do and write for the adcoms to look at me differently, she helped me view the fact that I was waitlisted positively! She took the time to do pep talk calls with me as well as strategy calls. Sometimes I needed the pep talks more as being waitlisted is very hard. That was what kept me going!
7. Lastly, even when I was done with my applications and I had already heard back from schools I had worked on with SOP, I received regular check in mails from them which made me realise that they really truly were always invested in my success!

I am extremely happy I chose to work with SOP on my applications. This entire process not only helped me get into my top choice school with a super cool scholarship, but also helped me rebuild my confidence in myself — which I know is going to be with me throughout my MBA journey and beyond! Thus, I recommend SOP to all prospective applicants wholeheartedly! Just sign up eyes closed!

A little less than 2 months ago, we got on a call and you opened my eyes with your candidness and genuine advice! I had scheduled the call very casually without actually considering signing up with SOP and I’m so so glad that I did!

Kathryn, your feedback on my essays and resume was very insightful and almost eye-opening at times. I am now sure that adcoms will be able to see what I want them to see in my essays because of the thorough edits we’ve made together!

Wendy, I don’t think my story could’ve been as solid as it is without your guidance on my career narrative. As my career narrative took shape, I started to feel more and more confident about my story.

Cristina, you’re so so approachable and helpful! I’ve mailed you countless times for doubts, big and small, regarding ALL schools I’ve applied to and you’ve always helped me, never making me feel silly for asking those questions!

And Paulaaaaaaa! I really couldn’t have done it without you! In another mail, you appreciated me for completing the apps in record speed — I couldn’t have if you weren’t working along with me at the same intensity and pace honestly! You returned files to me sometimes even quicker than 24 hours, you never ever dismissed my views, thoughts, doubts or experiences. Not only did you make me believe in my candidacy and help me strengthen it with your feedback and magical writing skills, you also picked me up when I was down and anxious. I cannot forget when this one time I mentioned very casually that I was feeling down and not creative enough to work on one of the essays, and you encouraged me bu sharing such a sweet story from your own MBA application days! It was a long and tiring journey, but I never felt alone, and all credits for that go to you! You’ve really gone above and beyond what I’d have expected from an admissions advisor. Thank you so so so much!

I know this is not that end of the journey yet, but it is an important milestone. I’m so happy I took the decision to enroll with SOP 2 months ago! I couldn’t have done better than I have in my apps without all of your help!

Thank you so much! I am confident I’ll get into a school I deserve. It’s just a matter of waiting now. Fingers crossed!! <3

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