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January 13, 2023
Client from: India
Status: First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Accounting/Actuary
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 6
GMAT/GRE score: 770 (V:46 Q:49)
Undergraduate GPA: 8.24/10.00
Graduate GPA: NA
Admitted to: Booth, Kellogg, Ross, Stern
Scholarship(s): $246,000
Service Type: Premium

I could not recommend Square One Prep more! I was admittanly late to the application process and had big aspirations of shooting for HBS, Wharton and Booth in Round 1, which was only 2 months away. Kathryn came highly recommended by prior clients who all cracked their dream schools. From the very first call with the team, I felt more and more confident in being able to crack my dream business schools. I began my MBA journey not having a clear plan and goal but in less than 2 months, the S1P team helped me prepare a career narrative that I not only strongly believed in but also one that reflected me as a person and professional. My counselor, Cristina Castellano surpassed her roles and mentored me not just through the application process but through making a sound decision on my choice of school and program. Kathryn was candid and relentless in every feedback she shared with me and, perhaps, that is why, I was able to put my very best foot forward. Every piece of writing was reviewed multiple times by Cristina and Kathryn to create highly nuanced pieces of work. My interviews felt effortless due to the insane preparatory calls and mock interviews initiated by the team. I knew I chose well when the team cheered even more heartily than I did on cracking Booth and, that too, with a $50,000 scholarship!

I strongly believe that I could not have invested my money in a better place. Kathryn’s brilliant strategy, a rather boot camp-like calendar and the sheer commitment of counselors like Cristina are what make Square One Prep unparalleled as business school counselors. They are effortlessly on top of every step of the application process and you best believe you are in good hands. I cannot thank Kathryn and the team enough for guiding me, believing in me and, on days, giving me a much needed push to get me across the finish line.

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